Informatics 490MH2 continues where the 490MH tour left off. You will learn advanced techniques in data science and be introduced to machine learning algorithms. You will also continue to improve your Python knowledge and software development skills including how to architect large scale data processing pipelines.

Although this is an applied course (you'll learn by doing), you will also learn how and why something works. In many cases, you will first write a reduced implementation before using an established library -- much like its counterpart debut, copy&paste and 'code by recipe' will not be part of the repertoire.

Mastering the ability to write software to gain insights from data will help drive your research and career. The last four weeks of the class will be spent on a data driven project that will give you a chance to work on your own interests and showcase your knowledge and skills. The class will be taught on-line and be scheduled asynchronously (you decide where it best fits in your week). We will offer both on-line and physical office hours where you can meet with someone to get additional help.

Ready for fun?

  • Junior/Senior/Graduate Standing
  • Taken INFO490MH or 
    • Have at least 2 years of programming experience using Python
    • Already comfortable with Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, NLTK
    • Voraciously willing to do the necessary work to fill in any knowledge gaps
    • Enjoy contributing and learning in an on-line environment
    • the ability to create a boolean expression for these prerequisites